Apnea Life Tenerife

Official school of Apnea Academy International

The school for the instruction and research for freediving founded by Umberto Pelizzari in 1995


Why Apnea Life

Freediving at 360°

Freediving as a sports discipline, its benefits and the philosophy which gave to birth to Apnea Life Tenerife.



Disciplines, History and Apnea Academy

Discover the different disciplines of modern freediving, its history and evolution.
Get to know the great record-holder freedivers and discover the main purpose of this discipline.


Apnea Academy

In 1995 Umberto Pelizzari founded an international school for the instruction and research of freediving: Apnea Academy

Whats is the world of Apnea Academy like? What is its main purpose?


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Freediving courses

Theory and Practise

Courses and training sessions for those who wants to approach the world of freediving and for those who wants to train and master as a freediver.

Theory lessons, the fundamental relaxation techniques and the sessions by the swimming pool and at the wonderful bay of La Caleta and of El Balito de Adeje or in open water.


Where we are

Apnea Life Tenerife is based at the school Surf Life Tenerife,
Shop number 82, Parque Santiago 3, at Playa de Las Américas.
The school is open during the surf and freediving courses, but you can always get in contact with us everyday by sending us an email or a whatsapp.
We will answer you back as soon as we get out of the water!

La Caleta and El Balito

La Caleta and El Balito di Adeje, the spots where we hold the water practises of the freediving courses of Apnea Life Tenerife


Parque Santiago 3

Underground level
Av. las Américas 2 , local 82
38650 - Arona
Santa Cruz de Tenerife , Spain

+34 670 44 76 74